Painting Jam 05 - FAQ Mixed

by Roman aka jar

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Again its Painting Jam time... it took a while because of a lot questions but here we go:


Daniel asks via Email:

"Hello Roman!

Again i want to thank you for your work to the painting community!

And also I wanted to ask you if it would be possible to
see some Video Tutorials on your blog in the future.

I think that could help some people understand painting techniques like
blending or glazing and so on. The net does not give good vids
(ok, no free vids, thinking of miniature mentor or hot lead ;)).

But maybe... in interesting idea?"

My answer:

Video Tutorials are planned, yes, but it needs time and we are really slow with this idea, but sooner or later the MVTV will bring you stuff like wet in wet painting, how to move your brush, how we paint special things, basics, etc. ... Please be patient - your wish will be fullfilled someday - no maybe!

Carl wrote via Email:

"I have a quick question (if you don't mind) I've just got myself an airbrush, an evolution silverline, and i love it! Cheers for the recommendation ages ago. The only thing i am not sure is how to get citadel paint into it?... stupid i know, i've been making a right mess ;-) also, what do you use to clean it, so far i've been using Createx. Just wondering if there was anything better?"
My answer:

I use Citadel Paint with simple water in it. I always take ~amount of 30~50% water and the rest the colour i want. It is some bit of testing on how you want your colour while airbrushing, it can come out very thin or opaque. Thin is better, but you got to go for it several times, also it depends on your air pressure. For cleaning i can recommand Revell Airbrush Cleaner (Raffa is using this one), i am using Airbrush Cleaner by Schmincke, mmh... hard to tell that way - i am asking Raffa for a future Article about it as he is the Airbrush Big Monkey Brain - i am also the guy which produces a real mess everytime, haha.

Haha, I guess Carl asked, how you get the paint from the pot to the airbrush without making a mess ;-)

Useful is a pipette or you can use an old brush, a larger one, which loads a lot of paint and then pull it over the edge of the airbrush pot, so it flows in there.

My second answer:
Upsi, my fault... i simply use an good ol' brush :)


 ScheffieldTunes wrote via Email, you might remember his question at the Painting Jam 04:

"Hi Roman, 

Thank you for your great answer to my question. 

I try to paint and don't think (1). But it doesn't work at all ;) ...

At first. The blue marine have done a suicide jump down from my painting table. The axe broke and I throw him in a corner because the model isn't that great to paint and repair him again.
I have tried mixing the paints right on the miniature (2) but i failed. Then I decided to try something different. I make some layers of the basic color. Dark to bright. In not more than 5 layers and than I try to combine the layers with each other with the glazes (3). I failed. Especially the bright colors (4) are not good. As you can see in my attached pictures(red). The dark colors looks already ok(green). I'm so sorry annoying you with that stuff but the miniature looks so great and I suck in finishing him. Maybe I must have a try in mixing the Paints on my miniature again (5). But the bright colors ... ahh I'm getting crazy with. I have tried 5 times before. I don't now what to do anymore. Maybe you can send me some monkey power again to help me. 

Sorry again for annoying you with this stuff but i'm so demotivated. 
Thank you in advanced. 

Here are the photos which have been attached to this mail:

My answer:

Here is my answer to the first email (sheffield already wrote a second one, but ol'Kong is slow). I've added green numbers to the topics above, so you'll get what i am talking about.

1) It is sure that you'll fail... this won't happen in a day, this needs time and experience you collect yourself - stay brave and try again and again... motivational music!

2) motivational music!

3) That sounds like mixing things up and i am not sure myself if this could work.

4) Bright colours are always hard to do in the brighter areas. Bleached Bone or Skull white always make things look chalky... Try to make your steps smaller and when you find a chalky area kill it with some glazes of your basic colour. Also try to use different bright colours than Skull White or Bleached Bone, mixing in a tip of yellow while going to the bright areas helps a lot, try a drop of Space Wolfs Grey or Rotting Flesh or Ivory by Vallejo Model Colour or Elf Flesh...

5) Sure you got to try it again and again... motivational music!


ScheffieldTunes wrote via his second Email:

"Hi, its me again,

I have made a video of painting a plasticcard with the wetmixing technique and then try to shade with glazes. Maybe you can get something from the video (1). I'm frustrated again (2). I'm going to paint a miniature just like I did before. Don't want to lose the motivation. Haven't finished a minature since many weeks because I'm only trying to get the technique (3). 

Here is the video:

I send you also two fotos. The red side is ok. The other side (side of the video) sucks. 

Thank you for your help and your endurance in helping me (4).


Here are the two photos:

My answer:

1) I can get much from the video even it is a bit hard to see exactly what you are doing because your hand is always in the line of sight and the painting area itself is very small in the video. What i get is that your problem occours when you change the colours to paint your wet in wet... you are always going back to clean your brush with water. Stop this. Mix it without cleaning it, to avoid disharmonic colours or some changes in the water you use. Try to mix it all into the creamy wetness of your first applyment of colours. Prepare yourself for it by opening the colour pots you want to or preparing it on your wetpalette and then paint without cleaning the brush. Trying this for several times you will see that your brush is your best friend when it comes to harmonic colours - it will already stay harmonic in your brush before painting. When the amount of new colour is vanished it automaticly gets something from the older stuff inside the brush hairs. Sounds totally weird i know - i hope you get what i mean. Try this and let me know... this will make you faster achieve better results - my video will be about 1 Minute to show you what i mean :)

And really those experiments are not bad, really not. The red really is fine. After applying this you now should clean the mess up with glazes of the tones in the middle (they are needed at a spot where the colour goes to fast into another)...

2) motivational music!

3) I can only tell you this - we are planning to explain such things sooner or later via Tutorial Videos over on MVTV. It is too hard to explain this in words as you might see... Please be patient to this! I also could recommand to you visiting a painting class of mine, so i could show you right on the spot what i am writing here and we could both together kill the problems while working on them. If you already did - i would recommand it to you a second time :)

4) That is no endurance - always feel welcome - that is simply brutal, unstoppable, invulnarable Kong Power of Happy Painting!


I still got some questions left here in my Emails - i got to go now and will answer all what is left in the next Painting Jam... stay tuned... and thanks for your patience!

Additional comments always welcome!

So far, keep on happy painting!

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