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by Roman aka jar

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Aloa again.

I did get a lot of questions about the Urban Warfare II base and if there could be a possibilty of a Step by Step article to the making of the base. I have to be honest again and got to tell you that in this case there is no chance of an article. Some seem really intrested in how i do create such bases and it ain't easy to tell as the basing process for me is like making morning cornflakes in zombie mode. Let me explain you why...

The project was started in the end 2009. I simply had both of the miniatures here and glued a piece of a dwarfish column onto the base, which i did damage with pure Kong power - easy because it is out of gypsum. I am even to stupid to find the company's name where it is from. I guess Thomariilion.de but i didn't find the single column anymore. I did get it as a gift some years ago two big column pieces and i never knew what to do with them. The day i broke them in a mistake was the day i knew what i want to do with them... i so used parts in Urban Warfare I for it - here is a WIP shot:

I've also used some pieces from this column on Ancient Hero Maulg last year too:

I always like the way zenithal lightning can hit these columns and how I can work with a dramatic light only at the colums. Some very fast say that there is a dwarfish Lord of the Rings looking column on the base. Sure it is, but I don't see it that way, never did. For me it was a column from a big destroyed capital city. Maybe dwarfes have lived there and did wear LotR clothes but these days are long gone... light is great on them...

So i had the socket by sockelmacher.de of Urban Warfare II, with a glued column and an idea where those two miniatures would be placed. Nothing more. I did glue some other things of wood to it and never was sure it which direction it might go - always testing around with the options or new ideas - here are some shotos of the idea progress and the sometimes regress...

No idea what happened before the priming... sorry for the wrong order of the photos :)

Here is a WIP shot on how it looked in the end in my cabinet for a long time - also with orange colour everywhere, haha - the cable roll is from an Kinderüberraschung-egg, i sometimes find stuff in there which are cool to use in our hobby, the upcoming rusty plate was ... i guess from my neighbours children toy train... ay, ay, ay... i really tried to forget this moment where i've asked my neighbours to get it, haha:

The Base stood around long time without any progress... Lately i've bought some corrugated sheet of iron in a hobby store. There was no company name at this piece, they are just in a place there and are marked with colours on how much they cost. So hard to tell where you could get them for your own, ask in your hobby store is my proposal.

I then had a moment where i did some further painting on the base and after i had to work on the balcony because of gas alarms in our flat i fast recognized that it soon gets darker and there is not much time for painting, so i've decided to add some more parts at the base from the stuff i did recently bought, i did cut them and damaged them in a chaotical way and primed then in single pieces and added them to the base - i also thought of a big label that hangs around which i made from plastic card which i damaged also. Raffa explains his great version of a socket label here!

After these parts where included in the base i've decided to bring on some fly screen i have found on the latest Painting Class. I want it to be something hanging around to bring some muted contrast to the heavy column in the back... i've used some regular fine single yarn to do the tying:

The newly added areas have then been painted dark first to get included into the base - they did get their specific colour or look later on:

After the work on the models did start i did again glued somethint to the base, even it was near to finsih. I've decided to brinng in these little flags and used yarn again, superglue, a toothpick and a cigarette paper, which i did cut in tiny triangles...

And then they have been painted. Oh no, i know some of you might be dissapointed after such a talk about my basing. Some of you want to know exactly what i have done and why i have glued piece A to place A and piece B to place B. No chance of that, really... i often see the basic scene in front of me, inspired by the miniatures and such a progress can take months while i am waiting for the muse`s next inspiration where to find place A or place B...  Maybe this blabla can show you that even if you got a great basic plan a project can still grow during the process - feel free to do so, always have in mind if there is a good reason you let this happen after you have had such a great plan in the beginning. Always ask yourself makes this addition sense to you and does it help the project to grow better in your eyes... if you answer yourself a yes then rock it!

I love basing but i really have problems describing what i do during the process, it is getting even harder when the project needs its time. Check the article section of BASING to get involved in some of my thoughts. I can't give you a fixed architect's plan on how you can do it... just be free and believe in the things you glue where you glue them...

Hope this helps, even i would call it blablabullshit :)
Keep on happy painting!


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