Save tonight...

by Roman aka jar

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Sometimes i wish i could say to my colours: Hey, let's save tonight and this great mood for painting forever... but that is my misery, a fire that burns and can take me away, hold me tonight, i do know i have to go away, so take this colour and paint with me, save tonight, it ain't easy to say goodbye, muse, my darling don't start to cry, i someday i got to go, lord i wish it wasn't so, but i will paint with you til dawn - to save tonight!

Ok now this is just some blablubb i've written while i listen to this fabolous track again after some years... Eagle Eye Cherry - Save tonight

When i fall in love with colours its always the same :) - i know it is not very poetic simply linking up a music video to describe how it is always the same when i fall ... its becaue music keeps me holding on to my brushes so often, there is nothing i can do with this joy in colours my heart won't break in the future...

Still WIP, still painting, still a saved night ahead, tomorrow i won't be gone... Experiments, BLAH!!

Tutorial ahead, still got to update the article section, lalalalalalala...

Work in Progress:

Desireless while I keep on happy painting!
Try it! Paint it! Enjoy it!


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