Time to say goodbye...

by Roman aka jar

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... it is for me for a little while here in the jungle. Next weekend is Painting Class time again and i will concentrate my mind on the final preparations. This time it is a very small class in Erfurt/Germany with about 7 Participants - let's see how things will go, really looking forward...

I am busy bringing the socket of the USMC to an end by making weird things with it - burning it, haha - but there will be a tutorial about this topic, maybe. Also the USMC gets to an final end after i did glue the helmet belts and did start painting them - photo is a bit too bright... - i will edit these final thoughts and works to the Step by Step, maybe...

A long planned tutorial of mine will arrive too, maybe. Talking about Zenithal Lightning additional with an explanation of my painting sequence i am mostly in to, about time and what i do from the start to the end, not talking about the colours this time... sounds intresting? Someday i'll get that artcile finished... for example this is the state of 1 hour painting after priming, one hour filled with concentration and fine music out of Kong's Bongo Bongo Channel... for example this one! or that one! or that one!

Maybe i'll get things done further as expected... maybe :)

Also i have added all missing article banners to the article section. Big Banana Update... some translations are stilll in Progress so stay tuned! Or this one! :)

Keep on happy painting!


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