The Voodoo Skull cave

by Roman aka jar

posted by roman, jarhead, kong

Hello miniature friends,

this time it is me again with a finished project.

In fact this was a very spontaneous one.

After I met up with Jens from Pardulon - Resin Models and Terrain again in Hamburg during my painting class I was able to buy one of the great monkey skulls he offers. I asked Jens if he would give me another one free if I do a small promotion project for the skull as I really fell in love with it. Jens said yes and it was up to me to start the project and finish it quick as usually I don't have time for spontaneous projects. So I did the whole project in 2 days and really had my fun with that skull ... building up a Voodoo temple that drops a Voodoo Zombie every hour ...

The small vases are from Pardulon too.
The skull is truely cool and big and I think it could find way in many projects, maybe in yours?
You can get yours here!

This is another shot on the skull as I recieved it. 
A massive resin beast and a joy to work with!


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