Figure Art - Final Push!

by Raffa

Posted by Raffaele "Picster" Picca

Hey everyone,

so, 20 hours remaining on our Indiegogo campaign. Finally we're on the home stretch, almost done ;)
Thanks, thanks, thanks to everyone involved, it's such a crazy time!

We're currently at around $29.000, a number we never dreamed of. But also a lot of work we never dreamed of, I'm working every day to bring all the photos we already made to another level. They will be in an absolutely professional level for the artbook.

20 hours ... remaining for YOU to grab a copy, the monkey tamer perk is especially interesting, the artbook alone will be hard to get after the campaign (and more expensive, too!) but all the bonus stuff will be almost impossible to get, the documentary book which will include some really interesting stuff never seen on Massive Voodoo won't be sold after the campaign, so this is your only chance on getting it!

So, to make the decision easier for you I made a banner:

I hope this makes your decision easier :)

C'mon people, let's give this campaign a last push!
Campaign in german
Campaign in english

Best wishes,


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