Mu 25 - Dragon Slayer, North Star Models, 54 mm

by Roman aka jar

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Welcome to another Miniature Unpacked.

This timeI am taking a closer look on

Dragon Slayer, 54 mm
by North Star Models


The model arrives in a small cardboard box that really keeps the contest safe. You can find the figure - unpainted version - on top of it. The model itself reminds the one playing computer games of the character from the game Skyrim - so far I can tell from my first impression. A cool model in my eyes that really catches the character.

Opening the box shows you why I said everything is safe in there. You'll recieve all parts of the figure in a plastic bag and what I really enjoyed was a delivered socket to the figure. That is a nice idea.

Taking a closer look at the parts you'll find 7 sprues with 9 parts. The parts have to seperated from the sprues and as the resin is quite nice to handle this works without much problems.

All parts have to be cleaned from mould lines and rests from freeing the parts from the sprues. This is in fact a lot of work but every figure painter knows about the magic that lies within cleaning and preparing a figure. If not check those magical articles:

Article showing you, how to prepare a miniature before painting.
Guide that shows you through the cleaning process of a plastic GW Marine.
Big Bull getting his horns sanded and his muscles prepared. 

I really like the quality of the cast parts after the cleaning process. The detail is well done and you really can bring this character to life with the right choice of colours. What I dislike or let me say what scares me is the thin resin sword which won't be an easy task to keep it straight for a lifetime. Another area I was not totally confinced of was the sculpted anatomy of the legs, but when the armour is applied you don't see this any more.


All in all I can say you get a nice figure with this kit and if you are a fan of nordic warriors this is for sure some model you might like. Some experience in cleaning is needed and as said before I really liked the idea of a delivered socket to a figure.

Remember you can win one of those figures at our actual contest - check details for the BANANALICIOUS PAINTING CONTEST.

Keep on happy painting!
Best Wishes


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