Kong's WIP thoughts - November #02

by Roman aka jar

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Hello to another thoughts from the Kong,

talking about WIPs, looking into the mirror, looking into the future of finished projects someday. I can talk bullyshit, yes. Let's start straight away with what I am up to these days.


Mainly we are working on finishing the books a lot of our supporters will recieve from our Indiegogo Campaign. The day all those many parcels will be delivered to our studio scares me already as we have to take them up without an elevator, yeaha!! What scares me most is still the signing a lot of books process. I am starting to dream about it already. Many thanks for all the support and the nice comments to all who are a part of this already.

If you are not a part of it yet - I can really recommand you to think twice. Help us to recieve another stretch goal and make the book content grow up 20%. For example - as a Monkey Tamer - donating 35,00 USD you will recieve:

- 100 page Figure Art Book Din A4 (maybe 120 pages soon!)
- Documentary Book Din A4
- Stickers, a bookmark and maybe more soon!

You'll have a lot of different options to support us there. We heard rumors about one person already thinking about a Jungle Cave Visit oO ...


Ok, WIPs now. I'll show you what I am up to. Yesterday Raffa and I did spent a day of painting in the studio and what a great painting day it was. Sometimes we sat together, nothing to talk for hours and just painted and enjoyed music. Thanks to my bibab!

I am working on a truely big project again and the base is finally primed. Maybe some constant readers know what this will be. The epic battleground of Bellerophon on Pegasus getting it on with theChimera.

I smell mice ...

I was able to finish 2 projects yesterday, mostly. Just finished, nothing too fency but a joy to finish them up. I will deliver better photos sooner or later as these are kind of confusing due the lightning from the camera and the lamps of the cabinet. I am thinking about putting in about one more hour in each of the figures as I want to stretch the skin hihglights on the left ones muscles even higher by its contrast. On the right one I am thinking about giving the armoury parts some final glazes of grey to bring it all together and put away the focus on the strong edge highlights. Will do I guess.

Raffa started a big rat yesterday ... ahh mice! Uhm, nice!

Cabinet view.

blah! Even more mice!

Keep on happy painting!
Best Wishes


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