The Power of the Waves Kong Fu

by Roman aka jar

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Heyho to another Kong Fu ...

a try to get rid of my personal thoughts ... well ...
things that are heavy on my heart and things I am happy about.
Getting rid seems the wrong describtion but as the jungle of Massive Voodoo has grown to not only a daily work journal it is a place of security to let loose thoughts.

This one is called the Powers of the Waves as I found a video of great Surfer Kelly Slater who tells a lot about motivation and confidence in the things you do. Really liked that interview and found myself in a lot of words he said. I could translate the surfing to "dancing with the muse" ... or maybe surfing fits well, I donÄt know. What I know is that I found the powers of the waves. Waves of the Muse. They come, they go - you can't do something against it. You can just ride the waves that come with your heart in it. That is all that matters in the end. Here you go with the interview:


Why I am writing this Kong Fu now?

Mainly because I rode a lot of waves in the year 2012, a lot of things happened with my work as a daily freelance artist and a lot of things happened in my private life. Some higher waves and no waves at all, all mixed like it should be in a happy life.

Since several weeks I am truely exhausted from traveling to Painting Classes, leaving home all the time, having no time to find my own wave again really made me uncomfortable in several ways. The Painting Classes and Events were great this year, but as said I felt that I soon need a break starting several weeks ago. What I am doing now is just looking after my health and state of mind and I am saying goodbye for painting classes and events for the last weeks of 2012.

Monte San Savino?
I think the words I am telling now are the main reason why my heart feels so heavy. As one of the greatest figure shows will be held next weekend in beautiful Toscani, Italy and I promised to fight ancient greek titans to get there this year too I have to admit I won't be able to come and will not be there.

The Legio Pictorium Gang, many MV members, a lot of my friends, people I like to meet again and much more are meeting up there the upcoming weekend and there will be sooooo many magnificant figures and for sure reports afterwards. I truely want to come and in the end I should do so - but I just can't. There are no energies left. I need to rest, spent time with family, my lady, my cats. Regain energies. That is the pure nature why I choose to miss this great event and this makes me feel sad. Sad because I know Monte San Savino will be the greatest figure show this year. I want to say sorry for not coming to those whom I promised to bycicle naked through the snowy alps. I am truely happy to see so many of my friends traveling there as I know they will have a great time! I hope my european friends understand my reasons. What I can say is that I wish everybody a great weekend down there in Italy! But no need to say that - I know it will be like that!


PS: I am now searching for my diving googles to dive deep into relaxed email clean up to fine music!
And I am still without mobile ... gnnarrggll! But soon! :D 


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