Kong's WIP thoughts - November #01

by Roman aka jar

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Hello Jungle voyager,

this weekend the great Miniature Show of Monte San Savino 2012 has passed.
I wasn't there as I had to refill energies and still have to. I felt my heart heavy all the time during the weekend as I knew a lot of great and nice figure friends are celebrating the joy of Miniatures there. I felt the fun they had from Italy to here at my home in face of a spiritual earthquake. I am really looking forward to talk to some friends tomorrow and get some report on this great weekend - really can't wait.

So I stood home to regain energies and really I do.
I am getting used to stay home for a while now, after the last months had me traveling every 2 weekends. It is a good feeling and I know that going to Monte would not been a good idea to my sanity, even I missed something I did not want to miss. Instead I am enjoying home, relax with my lady, find some time again to play with the cats, catch up with my emails and playing computer games.

Momo-moment of magic muscle explosion soon
Today I went to the Studio with my girlfriend who was the reason why we went there today. Usually I am not there at the weekend, but she started to prepare something for her mum and I helped her as good as I could. Only problem today was - the heating was off and it got cold ... damn it, it was cold as icy hell as we arrived there and we only stood our ground for 2,5 hours as even two cups of tea didn't warm us up as needed.

damn cold studio, can you feel the cold?

some pink boxes

some of my sketchboxs in the newspaper area

All in all I can say I am really getting energies back, slowly. I already did start to paint again on some WIP projects I want to finish in the future. I show you only three of them, I could show you around 35 :D

So far from these WIPs ... read you soon for sure!
Keep on happy painting!


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