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Aloa explorer of the jungle,

it is about time for some inspirational links. I usually sum up things I found inspirational to other painters in such a small link collection. Lately I did not find a lot of time for it, so this sum up won't be tiny. Hope you enjoy!

Famous Painters' Palettes
Coffin Talk
Colour Palette by Daniel E. Greene
Colour Palette by Teresa Oaxaca
Angel Academy of Art, Florence
Jesus Painting that looks like Raffa
5 Fears that can destroy an artist
Still Life demonstration 

[Step by Step]  How to paint a high quality vehicle squadron fast and easy
[Tutorial] Using real spiders
[Tutorial] Nurgle daemonic skin
[Tutorial] Die richtige Beleuchtung (german)
[Tutorial] Painting Freehand Design
[Tutorial] How to paint wood
[Tutorial] Colour Theory
[Tutorial] How to sculpt fur
[Interview] Painting with Pablo López
[Interview]In bed with Julien Casses (part 2)

Introducing other BLOGS
the diorama world by Nico Blomme
MAOW Miniatures - dress a Kitty Contest

Imbrian Arts
great diorama


Forgotten Palaces
Shooting Gallery
Hallowen Art on Pumpkins
Might and Magic Heroes VI - Gamescom 2011 Trailer [UK]   
He-Man Sculpture
Red Riding Hood (click the picture!)
Real Life the Simpsons Opening 
Rat Rod Build - wow!


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