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by Roman aka jar

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Yesterday evening Raffa and I spent the time after we have been invited to an event by the chamber of commerce and industry of Swabia (IHK), here in Ausgburg. The reason for this event was to bring politicians and the local small business sector together with creative artists and groups from the area. It was a kick-off event, the first one with these subjects.

Organised by the IHK Swabia and the team of KuPa (Kulturpark - West) where our studio is located.

We for sure brought some of our miniatures but we did not expect much somehow. C'mon, how could a local brewery for example benefit from our offer to paint figures? We don't know the answer yet, that is why Raffa and I try to bring figure painting more and more into the public world at such events. What we know for sure is that most of the people don't even know about figure painting and when they see it in real they are all amazed. That is why we try to take every chance to spread the word. Thanks to the crew of Kupa for giving us these chances.

In the end it was a very informative evening with a lot of talk, discussion and even music. In the end we both felt that there was maybe not enough time to really get connected with the visitors because of a) a lot of informative talk and b) limited time.

We are looking forward to another chance in the future ...

Spread the word about miniature painting -
 it is for sure a passion that is worth it and we all can be proud of!

Keep on happy layouting ... uhm, painting!
Best Wishes


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