Review Preview and open studios

by Roman aka jar

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this weekend we are pretty busy by having our studio open for public. There is an event in Augsburg at the place we got our studio called "open studios" where all the different artists there show their place they work and introduce their work to the visitors.

Yesterday was the first day and it was already quite nice. Today there are a lot more visitors expected and we are corious what this day will bring. Maybe see you there?

Additional I am soon finishing the Painting Class Review from the Vienna.
I am sorry this takes me a bit longer than usual, but these days are truely hectic.

I am still without mobile, since 6 days, soon I will have it back but what I can say is that I enjoyed the last days with knowing it just can't ring because the battery is empty :D

Read you soon and do some bananalicous Happy Painting once in a while :)
Best Wishes


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