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by Roman aka jar

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Hello Jungle friends,

this news is about our Figure Art Artbook campaign that recently passed.

Massive thanks to everyone who supported us there. Really we are overwhelmed by all your help, nice comments and for sure by this success we did not expect.

We want to keep you all updated as daily there are questions dropping in about the further process, for example like this one:

"Is the book already shipped?" 

Right now after the campaign is over and we got final numbers of books we have to print we are working hard on getting the printing files of the books finished these days. We expect this week and maybe some days of the next week for this. After this is done we will give the order for the print in early december. Then we have to wait until everything is printed and delivered, followed by us signing all the books and making your parcels ready. The last step will be shipping them. As it looks like we will manage this before Christmas, at least we work and hope for it.

Another questions that was asked several times:

"I was too late for the campaign and want to buy a book now, please?"

Sorry for the moment. The high priority Raffa and I are working for is getting all supporters of the campaign happy in time. So the official normal sale of the books is definatly not starting before the campaign is fully done and finished. The campaign will be finished when everybody of you who supported us there has recieved his order.

So, before writing more I am back at layouting :)
Keep on happy painting!
Best Wishes


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