Cultist Leader

by Roman aka jar

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I got another finished project to show.
This time it is a 40k Cultist Leader out of the new 40k box.
A very funny project as Bene aka Benji and I decided to take advantage on a cultist each, planning to paint it in 2 hours with the alarm on the mobile set. We did prepare the base and primed the figure first and started to paint with the alarm then. After 2 hours both of us realized we need one more hour to be satisfied with the speed painting result so all in all 3 hours and the figure was done. Surely not an epic project but way too much fun to not do so ...

Cultist Leader
Games Workshop, 28 mm

I hope you like him!
Really sometimes a quick paintjob for one evening is perfect joy of painting.

Keep on happy painting!
Best Wishes


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