Kong's WIP thoughts - November #04

by Roman aka jar

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Hello to you Jungle visitor.
This time it is me again.
Me again with some Work in Progress News.
The biggest project first. The one that steals most of our time.

Many thanks and Figure Art book news
We are working hard on the final layout, preparing all the high quality photos and type until our fingers are bleeding for the Figure Art Books - to get everything rolling in for the next couple of weeks.

Many thanks to all who are supporting this book and our campaign
 We did not expect such awesome feedback and support by all of you. Thank you very much for your motivating and kind comments. Be sure that we are bringing to you a product that we are doing with so much heart and what I can say is that the product has changed during the campaign. I mean first we planned to make a little artbook by achieving the initial goal of 2500 $. Now with the campaign founded at 1000% + we want to bring you something so very special, with so much heart and passion that you all can be proud of being a part of this campaign and we are going mad by creating it. Many thanks to you all again!

If you are not a part of it yet - I can really recommand you to think twice. For example - as a Monkey Tamer - donating 35,00 USD you will recieve:

- signed 120 page Figure Art Book Din A4
- Documentary Book Din A4 with Work in Progress explanations and Tutorials
- your name will be on the Thank you page
- 6 Stickers and 1 bookmark!

You'll have a lot of different options to support us there and it is the final Countdown only 40 hours left ...


Now to the more typical figure Work in Progress. 
Raffa and I really enjoy the moments we are able to spent in our studio. They are not many these days because of the massive book campaign but we use them wisely. Shortly after we arrive there we are hitting our painting table and work like madmen. As it looks we even manage to bring some unpublished figures into the artbooks as a surprise for you. Some Impressions ...

some relax, some work
inspiration ...

 some try to hide ...

maybe from zombies ...
 or too much color chaos :D
some paint bases ...
some paint air ... and do other strange things or wait for fine music ...

some have zombiemania ... and some just drank too much!

So far from our workbench!
Keep on happy painting to all over the globe!
Best Wishes 
Roman and Raffa


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