Figure Art - News from our Campaign!

by Raffa

Posted by Raffaele "Picster" Picca

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I hope we are not annoying you with campaign news. We post a lot more updates on facebook but we try to keep the amount of "Campaign News" to a minimum on the blog... This place should still be all about miniature painting :)

But anyway... THANKS everyone, thanks, thanks, thanks, for that MASSIVE support!

We already reached $16.000 with out Artbook Campaign on Indiegogo.
That means for $35 (around 27,- € or 22,- GBP) you'll get:

Figure Art - An Artbook (Check out the preview here)
Din A4 100 pages hardcover book full of minis! Oh and it's signed by Roman and Raffa.

Documentary Book (Check out the preview here)
Din A5 80 pages softcover book full of tutorials, work in progress photos with explanations and the step by step of "Untold Honor" - Slayer Sword winner of the german Golden Demon 2012.
Will be upgraded to Din A4 once we reach 20.000 :)

A big set of Massive Voodoo stickers! Check them out here and here!

Shipping included!

Be sure not to miss this great deal, the Artbook will be not so easy to get after the campaign and you won't get it for this cheap price... oh and the Documentary Book will not be sold online anywhere!

Thanks so far for the great responses and support, we already achieved something very big together, now let's crank it up for the last 21 days :)

Best wishes,


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