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Aloa jungle visitor,

a little report drops in and you can enjoy it with this music suggestion if you like.

A report about last weekend where the place our studio is located had 2 days of "open doors".

A lot of artists located there opened up their studios to public visitors, to introduce their work and passions.
All was set in 2 buildings with the numbers 38 and 40. The association organising this event is "38/40".
Raffa and I are pretty new to those houses and were pretty interested in taking part in the yearly tradition.

 photo by Erik Schrader

We opened up our little figure studio too and were pretty excited about what was ahead of us. We had no idea if there would be much people and if many would find us, way up in the building, somewhere in the darkest corner. Raffa did already finish our door sign so at least the house we are in was easy to target.

We planned to visit a lot of the other artist's places and we planned so many things for the weekend, but in the end time was not our friend as many visitors caught us in deep philosphy about miniature painting. We had no idea about the reactions of the visitors and ... yeah well we were just extremly excited. On Saturday Peter and Bene painted with us and helped us answering a lot of questions to the visitors. In fact I did not find time to paint - I was in good conversation all time long. Thanks for a truely nice event to the organisators and visitors. Additional a truely personal "thank you" to everyone who was so interested and fascinated by our little miniature world. Some Impressions:

Photo by Mansch

photo by Erik Schrader

Raffa was there too and full with conversation all the time, but somehow I have no photo of him. Too bad.
A very early guest and friend had the idea to let the visitors who are interested in paint on a figure to have a practical feeling of what we do. That was a great idea and some - never confronted with figures so far - took a brush and did paint on a Brekk Bust. This became a true artistic piece as many kids had their fun with it. I have no photo of it yet but will deliver one when done.

All in all we can say - Wow! This was a great event with much to experience. Sadly we did not have the time to visit all of the other studios - we visited some - as time was running away so fast. If you are interested in more impressions of the open studios, see some different studios of different artists, follow this link to a huge facebook gallery.

Keep on happy painting and maybe see you there next year!


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