Mu 27 - Sergeant Blackart, Terrible Kids Stuff, Roosevelt, 1:35

by Roman aka jar

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Hello jungle explorers,

another time, another post - this time again a Miniature Unpacked.

This time we are taking a closer look at a pretty young, dynamic and cool miniature company from Italy. Young but for sure not boring. Sergeant Blackart himself gave me the order to show you all one of their cool and unique figures and do this Miniature Unpacked. What is the thing a good recruit is best in? Yes, following orders. So let's get it on ...

Let's start with some basic information about the Figure "Roosevelt" 
(taken from their homepage):

Category: Gangster's Planet
Concept: Andrea Jula
Sculptor: Benoit Cauchies
Painter: Fabrizio Russo
Material: White Metal
Pieces: 17
Weight: 180
Size: 54
Scale: 1:32

 ... and the promotional paint job that shows the figure in full colour HD:

 Now what I can say from my first impression - these figures are truely unique from their style. Never seen such ideas before and I am really fascinated by the unique ideas of the italian minds behind those sculpts.

What I can say is that I already was impressed by just the cardbox in which the figure arrives. Very cool design, a lot of fun while unpacking and again ... very unique. I have to say sorry for the first photo as I already unpacked the figure and the left cardboard stripe was brought back on the box with a big fail - upside down und not so nice - that was my fault ...yeah, I know.

After opening I already was kind of confused. Now what is this - the white paper sheet. Strange, never seen something like that before. If you look close there is a threedimensional watermark of Terrible Kids Stuff on the paper and it is "classified". Ok, my confusion grew but I took a deep breath and opened it up:

... which brought me to some stickers and the Artwork of Roosevelt. Pretty nice and again pretty unique style. I was even more corious now to see the sculpt and removed the first layer of foam. And again unique perfection:

I was counting the pieces as the Sergeant told me to do and counted 11. I said to the Sergeant "Sir, there are only eleven pieces, Sir! Not my fault, Sir!" but the Sergeant just replied in a grim tone "Dumb ass recruit, dig deeper!" ... So I did and found a bag of plastic beneath the second layer of foam. And the Sergeant said "Recruit! That pin is yours now!"

"Sixteen, Sir!"

Sixteen pieces? Oh dear I can't tell the Sergeant. He is expecting seventeen. So I have to take a closer look on the pieces now which arrived in white metal. The figure is pretty complex with so much pieces but is easy to handle as the parts are fitting together very well. There are some mouldlines here and there which are pretty normal and can be removed easily with careful use of your hobby knife. As far as I have seen the mouldlines do not affect very important areas like the face. They are placed with sense, not randomly and that is nice to see.

What I can say is that the sculpting work is truely outstanding. As said in the beginning the figure has a lot of parts and a very unique charme and theme. I think the figure can be a healthy change from the 100st zombie or space marine to paint and for sure a lot of fun. I am already beginning some ideas on what I will do with the figure and ...

"RECRUIT!!! Stand still and shut up! Why are there only 16 pieces!!! I hope for your mothers butt that you did not lose one piece!!"

"Sir, I counted while I was in the Studio and now I am at home writing this Miniature Unpacked, Sir! I can't have a look right now where I did los ..."

"You dumb clown of your own! Did I allow you to talk, Recruit? You are not a recruit of mine ... go searching again, and search well! Maybe check this one piece with the cross hair if there is another piece hiding and if not I will make you clean that dirty ground of your studio by using your toothbrush!!!!" 

"Sir, yes, Sir, Sir!" 


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