BANANALICIOUS Painting Contest - Prize and Supporter Update #06

by Roman aka jar

posted by roman, jarhead, kong

Hi to all you bananalicious painters,

we hope you are already painting like a wild horse for our contest. Meanwhile we recieved our second entry, yeah. We and our Sponsors hope there will be many more! Our Sponsors grow again and I want to tell you about those fabolous supporters.

First we got Putty & Paint inviting all Gold medals of the contest to Putty & Paint and granting them a one year pro-account. Wow!

Second there is Vertigo Miniatures adding a lot of cool busts, figures and bases to the contests random prize pool.

Third there is Mierce-Miniatures with some Darkland figures and an addition to the special prize area, the best Monster award.

Check the updates here and motivate yourself to paint!

We want to thank our sponsors so far for helping us run this contest and their support. Without their help it would not be possible to bring you this bananalicious event. You want to support this contest too? 


Many thanks for all the help of our sponsors:

GAU 54 mm Minis
Masquerade Mini 
North Star Models

Special thanks for support to:



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