Wrroom! Wrroom! Ravenwing!!

by Roman aka jar


What's better, stronger, faster and cooler than a Space Marine?
Right, a Space Marine on a motorbike :D

Really enjoyed doing this one out of the "Storm of Vengeance" box and got to say they are really cool. Cool pose, cool dynamic move and best of it all, it is a Space Marine on a bike. I always am and will be a fan of the order of the Dark Angels as I once had a little army of them.

A true joy to paint, even it was done rather quick again for testing some techniques I am new to at the moment. The biker will also be used in an upcoming article about "thoughts on painting black", which will be released in the future.

Games Workshop, 28 mm

Nice weekend to everybody - we are on the road to a painting class!
More about that topic soon!

Keep on happy painting!
Best Wishes


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