Spotlight: Florian's Bavarian Orcs

by Roman aka jar


this is definatly an unusual posting.

Florian, a really nice guy I met twice so far on my painting classes is building up such a cool 40k Orc Gaming Army. I pissed my pants as I had to laugh so hard when I first saw them and that is why I asked him if he would mind giving his cool army a little "spotlight" in the jungle. He agreed and sent me over some photos of his growing army.

Can you spot Florian?

Now what is so special about Florian's Orcs?

Easy to say: They are converted to Bavarian Orcs. Raw Bavarian Barbarians with tons of Bavarian Pride. They drink beer, they hunt boars and they love the colours blue and white. They are so cool.
Have a look on your own, see the lovely conversions and be inspired by Florian's positive madness. As Raffa and I are from Bavaria this had to be posted in here ...


Want some more?

And some Work in Progress ... the beer wagon!

Florian, I so much love these Orcs ... really, like I told you this is magnificant, true "boarische" madness! Rock on!

What do you think about Florian's Orcs,
let him know in the comments!

Keep on happy painting!
Best Wishes


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