Painting Class Information

by Roman aka jar

Hello Painters,

soon Peter and Roman will sit together to plan and realize another row of Jar's Beginners Classes for the upcoming months. At the moment we got around seventeen classes to plan and you can believe when I say there is a lot of work in front of Peter and me. Sadly we had to skip a class in Poland due some personal health issues of Roman during the date it was planned, but don't you worry we will be back at it sooner or later. 

At the moment there are two classes available, one in Forchheim, Germany in the middle of April which is completly filled with 25 participants. You might still get a spot if you join the follow up list.

The closest class is taking part in Blumberg-Achdorf, Germany at the end of March. It is a deluxe class, that means you can sleep at place and we have great food catering. The class is already filled with 20 participants and only three spots are available as we speak.

More information about classes in Germany and international classes will arrive as soon as they are finished with planning. Stay tuned and see you there for some massive happy painting time!


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