Review: Private Coaching with Patrick

by Roman aka jar


first of all I wish all our readers a fabolous weekend :)

Second I want to drop some lines to a one day private coaching I had yesterday with my student, Patrick. Last week was really a busy week when it comes to private coaching. David stayed last Monday and Tuesday to get lessons from Raffa and me in his choosen topic (read the review soon!) and Friday was Patrick's day.

Patrick already visited me about 1,5 years ago for private coaching ...

Meanwhile, between the two private coaching sessions, Patrick was visiting one of my beginner classes and visited around three more classes by other teachers with other topics. So I knew Patrick would have improved during the last months.

For this private coaching - as again with Patrick -  it was only a one day coaching we did not set a direct goal. We wanted to have a check up on were we still find "painting problems" and erase them to make Patrick a better painter in future days. Patrick told me earlier he is having problems with painting skintones. So we did learn a lot about the topic that can be transported to every other material too.

It was a real joy to have Patrick again visiting our studio and I was really happy when we meet up for the class, drinking an early morning coffee, looking at Patrick's figures, analysing his painting improvement, talking about "problems" in his painting ... but you know how it is: Talking about Painting does not give you practice or experience so we quickly switched to prepare our brushes and wet palettes and gave that skin lesson a go. Much was written down by Patrick and it was really a very cool one day lesson with a student I definatly will see again ... and I am looking forward to it. But first, Patrick again has to sit down at his own table at home to practice and make his experience barometer rise until we meet again ...

In comparision: Patrick's Skin Tones before the class and in the back (bust) after the class ...

Really well done!

Thanks for your support and your will to learn, Patrick.
It is always a pleasure to meet and paint with you.

Well, this week was truly madness when I look in my cabinet. I had painted on so many explanation figures, mainly from Hasslefree. Still the two ladies to the right are not done yet, but well that is a good count for one week, but bad quick photo ...

Whatever you do on this weekend, do it happy! Keep on happy painting!
Best Wishes


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