Raffa's (sculpting) Work in Progress

by Raffa

Hey everyone,

the last days have been really mad with a lot of putty to push around.

I am currently working on 2 busts (with a third little sketch I work on from time to time) that I both want to finish until Wednesday.

First, you may remember the grown up goat. It transformed into a Ram and is constantly growing.
I am really happy with it so far!
I am working on the armor parts right now, but there are still some other areas left to finish... buuuut, the end is near :)

I prepared a little "step by step" about sculpting the horns:
 First step is bending wire to the shape of the horn, putting some putty on the horns, and start working on the general shape.
 I work on the "edges" of the horns to make them more interesting.
 Now I just put some random small sausages of putty on the horn.
 Smoothed them with a brush soaked in turpentine.
 Scratched some more marks into the horns with a round tip needle tool.
And smooth them again and bake.... tada, done! :)

I also worked on the cosmonaut bust, his protective suit is almost done, some more detailling work and the suit is finished. Not much missing here eiter! Yay!

I also started sculpting a mouth, I know it sounds strange but maybe there will be a bust build around it someday :)
Until that day it looks like some creepy version of PacMan.

I also got some casts of my latest figures, but you will know more about them soon!
 Lychee Priest
Breathing Difficulty Man (new superhero!) ;-)

Next week will be busy again, so stay tuned!
Have a great Sunday,


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