Bust - Jamal, and some other news!

by Raffa

Hey everyone,

it has been a very busy week, but still I found some time to continue sculpting ... at the moment I am really sculpting like a madman. And it's soooo much fun! I am really enjoying pushing the putty around.

Next week there will be some really cool posts waiting for you, one new contest, here's a little teaser, but you will never guess what it will be :)

And, as I am really sculpting a lot lately, there will be a big review about BeeS Putty Plastic, a new sculpting material that will be introduced.

This week I finished a small bust. A guy called Jamal, here are some work in progress photos.
He was sculpted in BeeS Putty Plastic Firm and I really enjoyed the material!

And the finished bust:

He got sent to be casted today, but I am still looking for a really good and reliable caster (I already got one, but his capacities are always very, very full). 

If you know one, contact me at:
picster (at) massivevoodoo (dot) com

Another sculpt was also taken out of the cabinet yesterday, a rather "old" one, but still unfinished.
I thought it was time to give this guy another shot... my Cosmonaut.
I reworked a lot of stuff. Since he was already baked, I carved a LOT.
His whole face was reworked again using wood carving tools, it worked really well.
Pedro showed me at his class how to get a shiny, nice surface after sanding or carving putty using a very soft toothbrush and very little vaseline.
It's much easier to see what you are actually doing when the surface looks nice.

I think it's a small difference and it's far from perfect since it was already baked, but in my opinion the new version of the face is muuuuuch better than the old one.

 That's a really old work in progress shot sketching out the under armor suit.

And here is is how it looked yesterday.
I think he will be finished soon!

In between some breaks for baking stuff I had the time to make a quick sketch for a bust head (around 30-45min) using BeeS Putty Plastic

I don't know yet if I will continue with this head, but anyway it was some nice practice :)

Ok, so that's it for now, have a nice day!

haha, just kidding!
One more to go!

Some days ago we had a very nice painting/sculpting weekend at Peter's.... it was awesome!
For this weekend I wanted to sculpt an Ibex.
I really, really wanted to sculpt a realistic one.
But somehow I realized that's just not me and so I unleashed the inner Raffa and let it flow.
I made some sketches that I will show when I continue sculpting on him, but at the moment this photo must be enough.
I know it looks somehow a bit strange right now (especially without the horns) but I think it will turn out pretty cool.
The putty was a mix of Fimo and Super Sculpey Firm, a really good mix!

I am also working on my Caravan Guardian, giving him the last touchups for casting... should be done very soon!

So, I hope this small post was somehow entertainting to read!
If sculpting is interesting too, I will post more of this in the future :)

Best wishes and have a great day!


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