Review - Sculpting with Pedro Fernández

by Phil

At the weekend from 21st to 23rd of February we (Val, Sanne, Roman, Raffa, Max, Bene, Mati, some cool non-monkeys and me ) had the chance to attend a workshop in Augsburg, Germany with master sculptor Pedro Fernández from Spain. Yes, master! Pedro is a miniature sculptor for over a decade! And before that? Well he sculpted such things 1:1 scale bulls cast in bronze. With this amazing experience all attendees learned a lot during these three days. And on top of that Pedro is a super cool dude, humble and can talk faster than light can travel.

Pedro, our great teacher

Also a biiig thank you to Mati for translating about 32981906453721897 words at this weekend!

Mati, the neverending translation machine ...Thank you so much!

Some personal impressions

Though all workshops I attended so far have been quite amazing and motivating, Pedro's Workshop was outstanding and purely inspiring. He is so dedicated to his work and eager to share his knowledge of, and passion for, sculpting with you. Big thanks to all who made this weekend definitely one to remember - and one worth to be repeated!

Thanks a lot to Philip for bringing such a great teacher to us. Pedro is a real master in sculpting and I was tought so much during the weekend that I have some kind of earthquake in my brain ... a brainquake you can call it! Such a cool weekend with so many friends! Really a great time!

Thanks to Mati for helping us understand all the wisdom Pedro was explaining and spreading.


Thank you all for this wonderful weekend! I've learned a lot and met great people. Thanks to Philip for the organization, to Pedro for the good tips and to Mati for the translation. It was really nice!

This was my second workshop with Pedro, and I leaned even more than the time. I could attend dozens of his workshop and yet would merely scratch the surface of Pedro's sculpting knowledge.

It was one of the best workshop weekends for me. Learning from one of the best, and hanging with friends.

'ello Maati! Once more thank you for coming. Without you this workshop wouldn't have happend!
Raffa, Bommmba! Thank you for your hospitality and your tips during the class.
Roman finish that fucking werewolf!

There is a lot to tell about this weekend. Pedro is a great teacher and has an incredible amount of experience as an artist. He could not just give tips like how to manipulate the sculpting clay. He gave much more knowledge, like which clay mixes to use in which special occassions, how to understand volumes, expressions and much, much more. It was a great weekend with a lot of learning value for me and I can recommend his classes for any sculptor! Apart from the learning part, the weekend was just great, soooo many cool people and old friends in one place.... Thanks to Phil for the organisation and Mati to be Pedro's german voice!

I knew it’d be an awesome week-end with all the apes and buddies and such a gifted teacher. But it I was not prepared for THIS amount of süperawwwesomeness :-D
Pedro is really an incredible teacher. Looks like he was able to give each of us, just THE advises needed, adapted to our level. Always with clear and fully documented explanations, and suuuch an incredible kindness. Gifted, generous and passionated in all points, WOW :-))
As far as I’m concerned, that’s exactly what I needed, and I have the feeling I finally know now how to work on adjusting some mistakes that I often tend to repeat. Showing directly on our own minis was very useful also to understand better what he ment.
I appreciated a lot the importance he puts on the dynamic, the story behind... great explanations on putties and how to mix them also, useful tricks… It goes further than the « usual all programmed workshop », and I really liked it this way.
Mati was an amazingly patient and cool traduktor, Roman was too :-D and Phil was just big time awesome at organizing all that and gather us all together :)
Great weekend with friends, definitely one of those to remember!! :-)


For me it was a cool weekend. It was so nice to see all the friends again and it was also a pleasure to meet Pedro. He is a really great sculptor (and great person) and had tons of advices for everyone of us, no matter which level. It was not only about the technical side, but also how to think about the stuff we want to sculpt. All in all it was a great workshop and I would  be definitely in for round two.
Markus Zimmerman –
What a great weekend! So many nice people, so much learning and sculpting, absolutly outstanding! Pedro is a great sculptor, a great teacher and, of course, a really nice guy! Thank you very much for your patience and wisedom! And many thanks to Phil for the organization and Mati for the translation and all the other nice people for having such a nice weekend!

Andy Neger
Great teacher, great people, great workshop. Would love to see Pedro 2.0 in 2015! Un poquito mas!

Wolfgang Cerny
I knew from the beginning this workshop will be worth it and that Pedro is a stunning artist who understands how to bring these small models we all like perfectly to life. But what I didn't expect, was that through his neverending, never-tiring efforts to really individually care for us, he brought us to the next level, each and every one of us. And the fact that he's a very nice and open guy helps even more to enjoy the experience.

To all who have the chance to get into his presence with your miniatures: DO IT! He's a walking story treasure, and not because he talks so much (which he, in fact, does  ) but because every miniature he creates tells a story. But never like a punch in your face, but always SUAVE (smooth)
I'll happily take part in the next workshop with him!


That's it. So you see, a lot of happy painting sculpting at this workshop with Pedro Fernández.
There will be Pedro 2.0 in 2015 for sure!
Oh, did I mention to thank Mati for his translation job? Big up Mati bwoi!

The groups results - if you check with the first group photo you may find out who sculpted which one ...


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