Kong's WIP-thoughts - March #01

by Roman aka jar

Well, it's been a while since my last WIP logfile. So here we go ... I did paint a lot lately, but with some pieces I am not allowed to show them yet until they are published in a german print magazin, others are prepared for articles and all in all I would say painting is going well and I got my usual output. This time I do not want to talk about painting. I want to talk about sculpting. Roman sculpting? Are you kidding me? Seriously?

Yeah, seriously I am into sculpting lately.
I had several takes on that topic in the past, three figures I "sculpted" so far but I was never confident in what I did and never did find the time to practice. I took the recent class of Pedro Fernández as my chance to change that. I was really looking forward to the class and said to myself that I will take proper time to practice afterwards. At the moment I am doing small sculpting session at home to work further ont he sculpt I started back at Pedro's class and I can not tell you what joy it is to have found a hobby again.

I have to say I am beginner in sculpting. Yes I am. I am also writing on an article to explain step by step what I learned so far on my journey. On the next photo you see where it all started, preparing my wire puppet for the workshop ... even that changed quickly under the advice of great Pedro.

So at the moment I am sitting under my lamp at home, having strange reference material at hand and enjoying a not too lazy Sunday, moving volumes while sculpting.

I am happy how it works thus far, but still I am somewhere at 30% from being done at 100%. That is good to know and that keeps me on track ...

Well, so far from my sculpting hobby ... I got to get some volumes done now!
Keep on happy learning!
Best Wishes


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