Ilyad Games: Dryade

by Roman aka jar


my little personal collection of those long forgotten figures is slowly growing. I say long forgotten as these figures from Ilyad are not on sale anywhere. They are kind of rare and sometimes if you look close you are able to catch some on ebay.

Well, I started to collect them slowly as I really like their style and the sculpting skills shown on them. A lot of fun to paint. So my collection grew up to three at the moment...

... and a yelling pirate!

I did paint the Dryade (not sure if this is her right describtion name) lately and really enjoyed how she comes together with that small base.

Ilyad Games, 28 mm

I hope you like her ...
I am looking forward to find time in the future to make my collection grow.

Keep on happy painting!
Best Wishes


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