Tutorial Voting: A pirate dreams of gaming bases!

by Roman aka jar


welcome to another round of Tutorial Voting.

MV's year of the painter brings you one article after the other and we hope you still enjoy these updates. We are heading out for a painting class weekend tomorrow and until we come home there are again two tutorials up for voting until next week Monday. Your vote makes the difference.

Today you can choose between the following articles:

A Painting step by step through the Tales of War's Slot Gunner Pirate bust, the one from the recent Miniatures Unpacked.

For this article vote "Pirate" in your comment.

This article is a great help to remove all your fear you might have of doing quick gaming bases. Take a look over Roman's shoulder while he is doing and explaining his attempt on eleven gaming bases, just using the basic material you can find on your workbench in seconds. Nothing fency, but truely helpful.

For this article vote "Bases" in the comments!
You vote next week's Tutorial!
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