Massive Update

by Roman aka jar


a little information on some updates on your Massive Voodoo blog.
You can now find the latest classes linked up to the review section:

- Basing Class in Berlin by Matt Cexwish Update
- Private Coaching Update
- Sculpting Class Update
- Jar's Beginner's Class Update

Additional to that you can now find the actual MV Quest linked up to the blog's main page in the upper right corner. Can you stamp it?

Update to the Miniature for Sale area was also recieved:

So far from the Update Channel ...


PS: I was close to forget it, but all actual Tutorials are also linked up to the Article section
Wow, MV's year of the painter already pumped this up to 222 free articles to different topics.
Let's see how soon we reach the 300, eh? 


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