Kong's WIP-thoughts - March #03

by Roman aka jar


 it is time for some WIP-talk from my table again ...
Last one can be found here.

Well, really happy when I look in my cabinet these days as last week's private coaching left me with some finished models. Meanwhile I did finish the comissioned "Chaos Lord", a top secret project and a Ravenwing biker for an upcoming article about painting blacks (not only one guide to paint black, but good thoughts behind it) ...

You can even see a glimpse on a still WIP historical figure I am painting as well. Having my eyes on the road and enoying happy painting all around, but if I look at the Dwarf/Orc duel to the upper left I have to admit I am scared. This will be prepared to be shipped to its new owner, a collector from the US next week. I will remove the figures again from the base and pack it wisely. So far I tried to get around this task but there is no better moment coming ... it has to be done.

I found two Work in Progress photos of the latest finished Chaos Lord, but I already can tell you that he will be a part of the "black-tutorial" too:

My wolf-sculpt is growing, but last week I did not manage to sculpt on him very often. Proper Time will be taken at today's afternoon/evening after finishing a bunch of mail work from home.

Home. As good as the new studio feels it is sometimes needed to be at home. My cats - some of you might remember them from eariler posts on MV - Keiko and Momoko - are doing well ... lazy bunch.

Weather is fine. Taking the bike as often as I can and even bought myself a helmet. I always thought biking with a helmet is just for "people-who-want-to-look-stupid-while-biking", but honestly I am wearing my helmet with pride.

If I might have an accident, rather the helmet is broken than my skull, eh?

Feels good.


Nonetheless, the lamps in the studio are buring often these days ...

More WIP shots:

Keep on happy painting!
Leave a comment if you want to leave a comment :) - I am heading out for some Mailwork!
Best Wishes


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