Tutorial Voting: A Pirate in a Wolf-costume?

by Roman aka jar

Hello Painters,

MV's year of the painter brings you another round of article voting.
Voting lasts until next week Monday. You vote via comment, I write and prepare the articles to come :)

A Painting step by step through the Tales of War's Slot Gunner Pirate bust, the one from the recent Miniatures Unpacked.

For this article vote "Pirate" in your comment.


This article is about sculpting. Follow me on my journey through the Advanced Sculpting class from Pedro Fernandez. Read about my plans before and after, get the insight on how a sculpt grows and what I learned so far. This tutorial brings you part A of my attempts in sculpting my lil' Werewolve.

For this article vote "Wolf" in the comments

Now it is your choice which article will be next in your jungle!
Can't wait to see your choices!
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