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Sometimes i just can't stay off when my mind is full with many things. I promised to me to do relaxing stuff today and what is better than remembering a great weekend we had in Berlin at the Painting Class. Here is some fine music you can listen too if you are interested in fine music.

Thank you round up
First of all I want to put big depth in my voice and thank the persons behind making this event happen. Thanks to Peter, Gerd and Fabian for organising the event. Also I want to say thanks to all the participants who took part in the class, without you the room would have stayed empty. Also thanks to Philip, Stefan, Jens and Robert for sending me their photos for this review as I wasn't able to take my own - I was teaching hard. Many thanks to Battlefield-Berlin for being Battlefield-Berlin. Thanks to Steffen, the for sponsoring sockets to the class. In the end thanks to all the helping hands around the place. Special thanks to Raffa and Mati again.

Class Review
On Friday we did meet up and everyone was settling down, preparing his workspace while the class was prepared from our site (material, stuff and stuff and stuff). After this the class started right away with an introduction from our side.

As you can see on the last photo - the participants have been imprisoned - just take a look at the window - nobody was able to flee as we started to prepare the plastic miniatures for painting. Beside the work of cleaning and cutting and glueing we had some theory, nah - not really theory first - we just looked up some inspirational pictures to get an introduction to later on work on the ability to feel colour harmony. Sorry that Friday took so long, but we had some waiting time in the start - thank you for being such a strong and powerful class - Bases, yes we did also build bases for our little demon ladies on Friday beside all that massive theory.

It is always good to see the progress of your projects during the process. Here you can see a big bunch of bases done on Friday, ready to be primed on Saturday morning. You might realize not only Demonettes as models. This is caused by the rule i got for the class. If you are taking part in the class for the first time you have to paint a demonette as the model really binds the content of the class later on when painting and leaves endless colour variations as it is a demon. No brain activity on "the model has to look like this because of an Artwork or something else that makes you paint with rules" - just pure brain- and heartwork of the participants needed - and there you can get most of experience from.

We closed Friday night with even more theory and meet up early again on Saturday morning, for final sanding the base, painting colour circles, more theory, basing with common earth and finally priming the models.

After lunch we finally started painting and painting and painting, using the theory we had in our blood. First we started painting the base with a pure freedom of just mixing colours together like painting a canvas. It is good to start with something so easy and so cool in the effect after about 5~10 Minutes of work. Fun and Joy is the key to learn so mad base painting goes always first at a class to make the participants click out their brains of planning and thinking - just doing ... As we were many people i did split up the class in two smaller groups for showing practical presentations from now on.

At this point it was important to make sure everyone understands the fact that we are sketching at the moment - bringing up a sketch to the base and model.We slowly sketch our way through light and shadow and added little details over complete Saturday. Main focus was the base painting and the skin of the demon lady. Both went hand in hand, from rough to smooth. Last thing on Saturday night was again some theory and black painted armoury parts as groundwork for next days true metallic paintings. 

Saturday was a very long day and i want to say sorry to my friends, Raffa, Philip and Mati who had to sit in the next room where it was cold and they had to freeze for around 10~12 hours - they did not even ask for a tea - i am so proud to have such strong friends and there were even more as Matt and Ben drop by to visit the class and warm the hearts of all of us.  Some impressions of Saturday - a bit mixed and randomly but a joy to look at the progress.

On Sunday morning we went into detail work like metallics, leather, skin, more contrast, overall athmosphere, eyes, final basework - simply the day with the most practical content but with us already being exhausted from saturdays marathon. Here are some final impressions of Sunday's class content. It was my pleasure to have you all as participants of the class and i am very proud of your class models. Special thanks to Jens at this point for giving his class miniature to me as a gift. I am very honoured and you got me close to tears.

In the end there is always a group shot of the whole gang and some final more private moments from your apes. Unfortanetly i did not get any photos of the final demonettes - i would love to see some, feel free to sent them to me and i will include them in the review. Found at least one photo of the final models from Sunday evening. Thanks to Phil and Stefan again for so many photos - i got to bring in some more impressions...


Thanks for such beautiful days in Berlin.
Thanks to everyone involved in the class and thanks to everyone who made this possible. Special Hugs to all our friends in Berlin. It was great to she your sparkling eyes and fire on the brush and i hope you will always do happy painting, when you paint.

If you are from Germany and want to take part in an upcoming class, check the Workshop Announcements!!

Best Wishes and a little music to jump into the weekend!

PS: @Fabian: Yeaha! You made my day - thanks for your parcel - we'll listen as soon as possible and bring some feedback and thanks for that laserpointer thing - this will make me even more calm now :)


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