Demon Soul and Japanese Hero Soldier

by Roman aka jar

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Aloa jungle friends,

two new painted miniatures jump from my workbench these days - the blind demon by Troll Outpost first. He was really a cool sculpt to paint, i did sculpt a little demon tail to him to underline his movement. I did this like described here. Pretty simple conversion though but in the end i really liked how it turned out. The skull at the base is from a dead mouse - hope you do like him, click here to vote on CMON.

Demon Soul
Troll Outpost, 28 mm

The other one is from DUST, a german SciFi soldier painted to be a japanes hero soldier. The model was painted mainly to be a gaming table paintjob. Hope you like him - vote here!

Japanese Hero Soldier
Dust, 32 mm

You can find both models up for sale in the Miniatures for Sale area - if you want to call one of these your own for future days feel free to write me an email.

Here is also a little preview on my actual workbench and a little preview on the jungle's airbrush introduction article and other articles rolling in - you can really look forward to those sooner or later :)

We are on the road to a Painting Class in our capital, Berlin for the upcoming weekend. If you are waiting for reply on something please keep this information saved - we are gone for some happy painting action with a big class and really look forward to it ...

Read you soon and keep on happy painting so far!
Best Wishes


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