Khorne General on Juggernaut - Finished!

by Raffa

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Heeeeeeey there,

my first post after all the Games Day action in italy!
Maybe i will write a little bit about the GD, but at the moment im not in the mood and the event itself was a games day mostly like all the others ;)

It was very nice to meet so many cool, creative, nice and ingenious people in italy and i hope i will see many of them soon again in Monte San Savino :)

But ... my reason of posting is another!

After the GD i really wanted to paint something just as a fun and "shut brain off" activity, so i grabbed this juggernaut i had standing around for quite some time and painted him in my version of the boxart paintjob.

I hope you like it even if it is a fast paintjob and no fancy conversions :)
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