Painting Jam 20 - a dressed stone ballustrade?

by Roman aka jar

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This is some kind of painting Jam that is more a Material Jam :)

Today with start with something unusual, it is called "Let's help Iain". Iain did ask me about a project via mail and sure i'll find some thoughts for him but i also thought to involve our readers a little bit more - so let's help Iain!

I will introduce the project of Iain with a quote and some pictures of him and i am sure we'll find a good solution all together to make his brother really happy on his birthday - Iain? (For this posting you got to sent me your final gift for your brother as i am really interested in it)

"Hi Roman,

I've long been a fan of your work on CMON and often take inspiration and advice from the Massive Voodoo blog. I have been seeking advice for a project I'm undertaking and so far no one has been able to help. I'm hoping yourself, or the rest of the guys at Massive Voodoo might be able to shed some light on the matter.

My brother is a Policeman and it is his birthday the week before Christmas. I was browsing Foundry one day and happened to chance across some Victorian Policemen and figured I'd make him a diorama for his birthday. The diorama is going to take place on stone bridge under an old fasioned gas street lamp. It's going to feature two villains and two police officers. One of the villains will be punching a policeman clean off his feet while the other policeman and villain will be rushing in to support their colleagues. That's the aim anyway...

Ideally I'm going for this kind of look - a dressed stone balustrade.

Source and Example

 I am quite prepared to scratch build something but I need something for the pillars. I've had a look on Hirst Arts but not come across anything that quite does what I want. So far I've managed to find some Dolls House stair spindles that might do the job, however if you can think of anything more appropriate I'd greatly appeciate any help.

I'm also wanting to use some sort of drain/manhole cover. Any suggestions there?
Keep up the great work. Massive Voodoo really is an inspiration to many.

All the best,

Iain - The Untitled Musketeer"

Following up is just my own brainstorm - if you as a blog visitor have any suggestions or ideas hit the comments and help Iain!

Mmh... my approach would be like Robert did the railing at his Frutti di Mare. I found some photos of it and try to explain what i did - i can remember some of this work he did as it was very loud and i was painting at his place. 

Final result:

Use some round wood sticks in the thickness you prefer. I would recommand using hard wood, no balsa wood or something as it can split during the process. Some fine rasps too.

Put them into your drill machine. Be careful and make sure the wood is really locked up in the boring socket. Then carefully, let the machine do her work and let it turn - more slow than fast so you have much better control. Use the fine rasps to surf the wood and bring it to form.

Robert is a madman and i always see it in such precise work he does - really adorable result. I am not sure if it helps you exactly. Maybe you can also buy railing parts at a Ship Modelling store. Maybe you could buy greek vases in fitting scale to use their basic form. Mmh, mmh ... finished Robert Madness:

Maybe you also can do the same thing with gypsum, BUT please wear glasses or diving googles at BOTH, wood or stone as it can split and crush into your eye. Guess i would not do it with a stone or Gypsum as this is even more dangerous. Don't do it with harder stuff than wood, my suggestion.

I hope here is some inspiration included - thanks to Robert for providing these good explanation photos! If you got an idea please share it with Iain!

Happy Painting!
Best Wishes


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