2nd Anniversary Workspace Birthday Celebrations - Entries

by Roman aka jar

posted by roman, jarhead, kong

Thanks to everyone for his entry and the nice words attached to the mails. Now it is up to us to give something back. This time we did not get as much as last year, maybe having a skype session with us scared the most :D

"One winner will have a chat with Roman (jarhead), Mati (Badsmile) one with Ben (KOMETS!!) and  one will have a chat with Raffa (Picster) for about 1 hour each. The final date will be matched with the winners wish, somewhere around late Octobre. We can talk about Miniatures, your projects, about us if you like, about the future of the hobby, about your ideas and visions, maybe bikinis - in fact whatever you like to talk with us about and we already guess that one hour is quite short."

Following your entries:

As we did expect more there are now massive good News: Everyone who participated will get a little price by MV, even those who might not win the Skype Sessions, therefore please drop in your postal adresses to the same email adress you did sent your entries to and the apes are packing something cute and shocking up for you ... gone again to judge from the heart together with Raffa.

Thanks again for all your entries. It is always great to see those little colour temples, whereever you are on this planet :)

Best Wishes
Your MV-Team

PS: Old Shatter Hands late drop in edited :)


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