Inspirational Tornado

by Roman aka jar

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Coming home from Berlin - cleaning up some collected inspirational links - hope you enjoy these.

Great article by Stepan Rath about his gold winning Khemri Standard Bearer
Warhammer 40k Lore in a Minute
Big colour theory thread at OZ painters with lots of effort put in by weisern  
Chest of Colours - How to paint with dry pigments

Danielle Tunstall (horror photographer)
Great sunset gallery (on facebook only)
Victorian on Mud Heap (great LEGO build up)
Nuka Cola Shop  (historical photo archive)
How to be a Retronaut

So you want to be a blogger?  
at wargaming tradecraft
Great write up by N++
Clay to Bronze
A Daily Video Journal Of The Artist - DAVID LEMON
Zeus and Periphas 
at Rafa Coll 

Dead Letter Chorus - Run, Wild
More Painting music

Many thanks to everyone who emailed me some inspiration and thanks to everyone around providing inspiration.


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