"Dark Elf Berserker" and "Gift of Nurgle"

by Roman aka jar

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Finally i have finished Roberto Chaudon's "The Grinder" bust which I got in Paris this year at the AFM Mountrouge 2011 where i first met Roberto. He is such a nice person and i always remember our chat about passion we had there with joy. I am really happy to see you again in Monte San Savino my friend.

Roberto's sculpting is really unique. He has his own style and leaves his unique character in the models he sculpts. It is my second paintjob done from his range and as the sculpting is so unique the painting isn't that easy. I always find unusal character visions for me during the process of doing one of Roberto's sculpts. This time I used "the Grinder" to make him an Dark Elf, in fact some brutal berserk raging agile killer machine monster guy - somehow this was the first thing in my mind when i saw the sculpt earlier this year. I hope you like this interpretation of the bust. Sadly the photos don't show the eyes, they are done yes, but are sculpted pretty deep and somehow they won't come out on the photo - gna! But this makes him look even more evil :D

Dark Elf Berserker
Roberto Chaudon, 1:8

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I have also finished my little Nurgle Project called "Gift of Nurgle".
It shows the sad story of two brothers who found Papa Nurgle's guidance and both did get lost in it. Here comes a little story on the background of the vision:

This is a tragic story of 2 barbarian brothers, norse twins you can also call them. Both travelled through the Chaos deserts in search for their gods and their destiny. Nurlge found them. Big Papa yessss - and made them what they are now. One a massive Champion of the fouling gods, soon to raise to a demon, the other one just a little blob of nothing who is just holy-rolling, drinking his brothers belly juice and farting all the time. As they are twins they will always be together til the end of days and that's about the story. Sad I think. Slurp!

I did some minor changes in the basic model as i recently saw a lot of these models painted very cool in standard version. I so choose to give a little conversion a try and totally got mad. The two little fellow friends guiding the two brothers in their search for glory are Jakob (the one with the lamp) and Jonas, two little voodoo dolls i found in my bitzbox. I guess they are from Rackham but sadly I have no idea from which model they are exactly.

You can see how I "sculpted" the little nurgle monster blob, who is the failed twin brother, here.
I have used a mix of creating waterfalls, ugly strings and blood and splatter for the models interior circus show.

Gift of Nurgle
Games Workshop, 28 mm

Hope you like him anyways - even it is mad and pretty ugly
- isn't that Nurgle in its pure form? :D

Happy Painting to you!
Best Wishes

Both models are for sale 
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