A new week starts ...

by Roman aka jar

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... and I'll promise you a lot of jungle madness ahead :)

Starting with 2 SciFi sockets for Secret Weapon Miniatures today - they have been well sanded and worked with Vallejo Putty 401 for being perfect to cast. Now comes to build up. WIPs will follow.

The nurgle boy gets details - just black and white at the moment. I did "sculpt" a "Nurgling-wtf-thing" on his base and made some photos of my progress. It is really nothing special and great but i think i'll write up an article about it, because the simple things in life also can bring joy :D

Still much to do on that guy and as I tell sometimes i do some black and white photos to check the light situation on the model. There is still a lot to do for me here but i'll be back with news sooner or later. Black and white today - but i won't let you out of this posting without looking at colours:

Happy Painting and don't forget to click this link hard!
Best Wishes and a good start into the week for everyone!


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