Red Fist and Deathwing

by Roman aka jar

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This Ogre bull was started as a demonstration on my latest painting class in Berlin. I have finished it in some hours after the class weekend. It is an Ogre Bull from the Clan of the Red Fists who are famous for their red Fists after all. Even the Workshop model of the Demonette is a perfect match of the Painting Class content over the weekend i just can't paint them anymore - i love to see them, know the models in every detail, but just can't paint another one :D

If you are intrested in a review to the Painting Class in  Berlin check here!

Ogre Bull - Clan of the Red Fists
Games Workshop, 28 mm

This is Brother Ephalius, a honoured Chapter Champion Aphotecary, a legend amongst the Dark Angels and equipped with the "Bringer of Silence" Assaultcannon, an old relic from the depths of the Rock.

Brother Ephalius - Deathwing Aphotecary
Games Workshop, 28 mm

I am on the move again - making a cup of tea - working on some further projects to be finished. Email time starts Monday again. Both of these models are sold to a private collector already so don't expect them to be on ebay. If you are intrested in buying a painted miniature from the Jungle Crew check this link to our offers.
Happy Painting and chilled weekend to you!
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