Ay! Watch out now ...

by Roman aka jar

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First i want to introduce this mix of Kong Fu and Work in Progress to you - this weekend, the one ahead really gets my like a magnet. While i am sitting here painting with Peter at my place i realize that i not really took a break from work and painting after the Painting Class in Berlin lately. For sure while sitting 6 hours in the car i relaxed a bit but in the end i am really looking forward to the weekend. I try not to think about miniatures and stuff. Just share some days without miniatures in my brain with my lady.

Therefore i got to say sorry to those who are waiting to get an email reply, or wait for the Berlin Workshop Review or something else from my side. I am just exhausted and need some rest. Monday will be the day when energies are back in place and disciplined working will start again. At the moment i am just off balance and close all cases until monday - i hope you understand. Emails and Review will follow soon.

Another important information about a great issue from some well known french sculptors to help Japan. There is now a set of 8 exclusive Miniatures related to Japan for Sale - i can say i've waited for it and already ordered mine - here you can get a preview:

8 exclusive miniatures box sold for the benefit of the Japanese Red Cross to help victims of the earthquake of March 11 in Japan, 2011

More information here: http://www.atorgael.com/japanaction/the-box-action-for-japan/

Peter and I do paint a relaxing fun project today - the new GW Nurgle General on foot, one slightly converted and with a mad colour sketch which is mine. Peter is going evil too with a straight colour mix of Miss Piggy for the skin.Both are at an early stage of progress. We have no idea where these two will end but we enjoy throwing colour on them right now. Meanwhile i have finished the Ogre i have started at the Painting class in Berlin and the Deathwing Terminator Aphotecary - final photos will follow. I also started to work on the Studio McVey's Hooverboard girl ...

Please don't you forget to take a photo of your workspace to celebrate MV second Birthday with us and win a Skype session with one of your Apes! There is only time til Octobre the 18th. 4 days!!!!

So i am off for the weekend - happy painting to you all!
Best Wishes

PS: And press your thumbs ugly for Raffa's Golden Demon Trip to Italy!!


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