Tutorial - Sculpting your own little decay monster blob

by Roman aka jar

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Another tutorial drops in.
Not something great and kicks ass, not something brand new - just the way i went to sculpt my own  little decay monster blurb - and my sculpting skills are limited :D

I hope you enjoy this anyways and see it as inspiration that there is nothing you can't do - just do!
Music if you like!

The "Sculpting"
Ok let's start right away -but first there is a little introduction why i did what i did:

The Nurgle General I am painting at the moment is connected to a tragic story of 2 barbarian brothers, norse twins you can also call them. Both travelled through the Chaos deserts in search for their gods and their destiny. Nurlge found them. Big Papa yessss - and made them what they are now. One a massive Champion of the fouling gods, soon to raise to a demon, the other one just a little blob of nothing who is just holy-rolling and farting all the time. As they are twins they will always be together til the end of days and that's about the story. Sad I think. Slurp!

Now after the story we directly come to the spot where I don't like sculpting, at least with my own skills or my patience. Putting up basic volumes of Magic Sculp with a toothpick.

This often looks so ridicilous when i do it and i often think about what i am doing at the moment. At this point, when you are not so comfortable with sculpting just go on. Go further. You have for example around 1 hour to work with Magic Sculp and if it really comes hard you can still rip it off. Next was forming the volume to a blob who looks like one existence at all even it still stays a blob. It still looks like hackin' and smackin' but you got to go on.

Now I did use the content of an old waterfilter by the company "Britta" to make some random eyes. Just use a toothpick and some superglue to bring them in place. Those tiny balls are pretty cool for tons of things. I've "sculpted" a bit further on the blob, doing tentacles and stuff. Just rolled a small sausage of magic sculp and the toothpick brought it in place again. With the eyes i saw were this finally will go - the blob will scarely look up in his brothers open belly, maybe drinking twin mighty power nurgle juice from him to just stay alive.

The Painting in the photos above is still in Progress and overall the photos are not the best as the actual camera always takes to greyish photos and I don't understand it. Thanks to Raffa for the final photos. I did sculpt some more tentacles to simulate a mad motion of the blob, while drinking da juice. of his brother. Final version looks like this and if you look close enough you still can see that the blob's gender is male still :D

I hope you like this little "sculpting":D
If you are interested in some more spectacular sculpting of useless things check how I did sculpt a little teddybear.

Happy Painting and Sculpting to you!
Best Wishes


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