Visions of Hatred - and more!

by Raffa

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Heeey everyone,

what a nice moment this is... finally i finished another big project that was taking a lot of my time over the last months.
I'm talking about my Demon Prince conversion that maybe some of our readers have already spotted from time to time here on Massive Voodoo or on some other spots.

Now some projects are finished quick and some projects really are time eaters just like this, so i'm really happy i can say it is finished now.
Thanks again to all my friends for support, advice and ideas especially Roman :)

I'm pretty unhappy i didn't take many work in progress photos, but to make up for it i already recorded a 360° view video and uploaded it on Massive Voodoo TV :)

Ok finally, enough talk, at the moment i am a little bit exhausted, i think i will post more on this later :)

Visions of Hatred

And finally the 360° View... do yourself a favor and watch in 720p :)

I really hope you enjoy this mini as much as i do!

Oh and apart from this.... i also finished another two miniatures :)

No Mercy - Rohan Command

Frozen Heart

Aaaaaaaaand more 360° Goodies:
Frozen Heart - 360°

Traitor of Mankind - 360°

Butcher Pete - 360°

I really hope you like the minis! If you visit the italian Games Day this weekend you will have the chance to see them all in person!



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