My 6.5 miniatures

by Oli aka HonourGuard

posted by Oli, HonourGuard, silver leaf

On the weekend I was by two very good painting friends from me Thomas and Thomas.. and we had a great trip to Eindhoven Scale Model Factory, with some good results at the competiton. And we bought many cheap new sockets.. :P

Then I drived back on sunday evening from 6 to 1 o'clock and wanted to make pictures for the internet on that evening.. but I was so tired that I coulnd't make it.. but I did them today morning. And waited whole day until I saw them activ on CMON . Now I come home and see all my 3 entries with a 6.5 at the registred votes. And the Wilhelm with a 3 at registred vote.. this really piss me of. If anyone have a problem with me, please write it to me.. I have no problem with critcim I think, but than write the 3 with a comment.

Now I would like to hear your opinion maybe I am crazy and my miniatures suck hard. I don't say that my miniatures must be a 9+, but a 6 or 7,..??

Maybe I should stop post on CMON, because I can't just ignore such ratings... especially if all ratings in the last months are like that. This makes no sense.

Interesting that especially the registred votes are bad.

hm.. okey I will stop crying.. haha :P

Maybe you have some constructive critic for me, I really would like to improve my skills.. that's why the pictures are very big.

(sure its just one Rating.. but the picture is funny I think)

Good night. Oli


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