Joy of Painting

by Roman aka jar

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Another Work in Progress grows.
The Happy Monk is in the making and i am trying to make some basic work with the use of the airbrush, similar to the things i have done in the latest article. I did build up the base with some wood pieces where i have put stones and common earth on top. I will do him pretty similar to Ben's first version, just make him more autumn like with the use of some more butterflys. he will also be done for a german painting contest. Soon more. Real early Work in Progress:

I also have to sent some miniatures to a new home and did a shot of my cabinet's place of pride, there is one finished project i am not able to show yet, because of the rules of the german painting contest. The Taus shown there are not yet finished. The other one for the contest is hidden, you can see my great painting on it, not the miniature. I always enjoy such photos.


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