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by Roman aka jar

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First i want to thank everyone who threw in some music suggestion in this posting.

Honestly I did not expect so many suggestion and i really enjoyed listening to the different styles of music you threw into my ear. Many thanks for your help to find some new inspiring music. There have been many that i really liked.

I love two steps from hell and i am already listening to those great soundtracks for a while. Why really also will be in my upcoming playlists. Creedence Clearwater Revival's Fortunate Son is also always very impressive. Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds are also kicking booty. Jungle Fever really got me. This is a very intense and amazing video - Don Diablo feat Dragonette. The Cat Empire is juicy too. I really enjoyed them all, even the swedish songs were i did not really get a word but i loved their madness in their eyes.

So it was a really hard decision - but i've made it from the songs i did listen a long time while painting.  

The winners of the little surprise gift are GSPirate for introducing Koan to me and Anonymous for introducing Bonobo to me. Both really hit my mood and it feels i am getting a bit old when i look at my decisions. Please both of you, send your adress to me: jarhead---at---massivevoodoo---dot---com

Thanks again for sharing your music here!
Maybe we should do this every month as everyone is able to get some inspiration - what you think?


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