Inspirational Hanayuken!!

by Roman aka jar

Inspirational Hanayuken!!
Take care, inspiration might hit you like a lightning behind the following links - hope you enjoy!

MINIATURE RELATED STUFF and Painting'n'Sculpting
Great tank Models by Rinaldi Studio
Water Dragon Tutorial
Tutorial Shining Throne
Body Art (beware naked breasts ahead!) 
Awesome Pumpkin and Sand Sculptures 
More Pumpkin Madness

Moonshine : Artists after dark from alexis wanneroy on Vimeo. (Raffa's find - thx bro'!)

Blogs of Note
History in 1:72
Underpainting - what's the matter with madder?


Loom - a succesful catch
Star Wars Emperor Escalator
How to feed the monkeys!
He-Man Party! Party!

PencilHead from qwaqa on Vimeo.

Haka from Ben Hall on Vimeo.

Tabula Rasa - Short from Arnoldas Vitkus on Vimeo.


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