Painting Class Announcement - DELUXE - Blumberg-Achdorf, Germany 2012

by Roman aka jar

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Deeply in the jungle labs plans into the future are being forged.
Thanks to Vlado and Peter for organising another painting class in Blumberg-Achdorf, Germany. The painting class is being held at the weekend of March 30th til 1st of April, 2012 and it is DELUXE, baby!

DELUXE means that for a small extra amount you get food and shelter for the whole weekend. We once have been to Blumberg-Achdorf for such a class and it was a wonderful weekend. Here you can find the review of the class some time ago and a little teaser of the house we will be in.

If you already have participated in my beginner's class and want to do another one to warm up your painting, get some new motiviation or just want to have a great weekend again please make sure to know that from the second run on you don't have to paint the Demonette. It is a golden rule that if you visit the class for the first time there has to be a demonette painted as it is best for the class content to understand. For those who come again make sure to know you can bring your own project - a figure that you like to work on during your second or third class.

It is still some time til Blumberg, we thought for a DELUXE class it would be best if you could plan too. Feel invited and i am looking forward to see you there!

Best Wishes


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